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Download the free PangoBright utility

Click to download the PangoBright.exe file (115K). This utility works with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

When prompted by the download dialog box, if you can choose between "Save" and "Run", it is best to choose "Save". You can save it anywhere that is convenient, but the desktop is a good choice.

  PangoBright runs from the System Tray

Under Windows XP and Vista, PangoBright will be put in the System Tray at the lower right corner of the screen.


Under Windows 7, PangoBright may not initially appear in the System Tray. If not, then follow the animated instructions at right


 Autoloading PangoBright

To have PangoBright automatically load and be available each time you start Windows, simply move the PangoBright.exe file (or a shortcut to it) into the Windows Startup folder.



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